Friday, November 25, 2011

Things that have made me cry today...

*Disclaimer: (Before my family starts to worry or something) 2011 has been a pretty freaking cool year. I have had a lot to be thankful for. Here's hoping next year is even better.*

I have been totally bumming it today, watching daytime, eating things that I will regret tomorrow, marinating in my own juices (you are all welcome for that one), etc. etc. No Black Friday shopping for this gal. This broke gals. But that's ok. From the looks of it, being broke has saved my life today....or possibly the lives of others. I can be ninja crazy sometimes.
All this tv watching has been a little emotional, to be quite honest. So I turned off the tv, and decided to spend the rest of the night you tubing music videos and/or porn, and listening to music so loudly that my neighbors will wanna get invited to this gangsta's party. But before I get on that, here's some of the things I have cried over, and I swear I'm not even pms'ing...I think. Where's my calendar?

Things that made me cry today:

- The assholes at the local news show surprised a nurse with the early holiday visit of her Soldier husband. What asses?!

- The one commercial where the dude in the army gets a book with a recorded reading by his kid (don't remember if it's a boy or girl. That's not important)

- The burn victim on Dr. Drew.

- Maury's DNA results show. So many daddies, so little time.

- Multiple universes!!

- Re-watched Queen of the Damned and realizing I have the soundtrack and am still kinda really into it. Ugh. Tricky and Korn are on that, you guys. (Full Disclosure, I have two Korn cds. Double ugh!)

- Re-watched before Sunset. Need I say more?

- The commercial where the bubbles are talking and are friends and one of them pops and the other one is all "nooooooo" and crying and then pops. It always gets me. Such a metaphor for life.

- Jillian Renynolds is still on tv.

- The preview for one of those CW shows came on where all the people are gorgeous and then I contemplated where my life went wrong, and then remembered the multiple universes and how maybe in one of them I'm on a CW show. Then I remembered that I remembered the theory of multiple universes, and got all existential again.

- The commercial with happy women, dressed stunning while eating chocolate.

- The people pepper sprayed in that one Walmart probably didn't get their Xbox.

No, TV has not been kind to me today. This is why I stay away from it most of the time. And, as I tell myself every night between my nightly prayers (aka jam sessions)why I don't need to upgrade to something flat and big, and cable-y.