Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Guitar Heroes

Everyday that I wake up and I don't have to be on a stage somewhere later that night making noise with my guitar is a big fat fail. Yes. A big fat fail. It's not so bad though. I mean, I have a pretty big imagination and I have rocked out many a times on my living room to a crowd of imaginary fans. Since my neighbors have never called the cops on me, I suspect I must be pretty alright. Now, since you, reader, have not seen me rock out, you will just have to take my word for it. Just the other day I was so into it that I continued playing after the sun had set and I could not see a thing, except for the little red light that indicated the amplifier was on. Then I heard a noise and got scared, and quickly turned on every light in the apartment. Turned out the noise was a G#m that I was playing. I guess you can say my own rock'n'roll-ness scares me sometimes. Go ahead. Say it. I'll wait....

I have always loved music and anything to do with music, more than anything else in life. (Cookies & cream ice cream come in a close second) I can play a little of a couple instruments. I started with violin when I was a kiddo, and I know my chords around the keyboard. And judging from the way I have been banging my hands on the steering wheel and desks, I am a pretty decent drummer. However, guitar has been my weapon of choice for a lot of years now. Don't ask me how many, because I can't find my calculator anywhere.

I just wish I was as awesome as the following three ladies, whom I absolutely admire and sometimes contemplate building a time machine and being born one of them instead. Don't ask me how that will work because I cannot find my calculator anywhere. Let me put it to you this way, if I were a zombie, I would most definitely eat their brains. Was that too creepy? Well, whatever. If you 've never had tacos de sesos, you do not know how delicious it is what I just said.

These are totes (ugh! I promised myself I'd never use that word) my guitar heroes.
And if you click on the video link and watch, you will see why.

Lizzie Powell (Land of Talk)

Annie Clark (St. Vincent)

Theresa Wayman (Warpaint)

In conclusion, Why wasn't born awesome like them? Le sigh.

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