Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wanted BFF and Baby's Daddy: Part Deux

From the people who brought you Wanted BFF and Baby's Daddy comes the sequel "Wanted BFF and Baby's Daddy: Part Deux"

In a world where awesome people are scarce. (Let's face it, most people are pretty mean, and also boring.)

These ladies need to stop messing around and hang out with me.

Sloane Crosley

Mindy Kaling

Amy Poehler

Kristen Wiig

These men need to all marry me and become brother-husbands...or whatever the 'sister-wives' male equivalent is, that is what they need to be.

Ryan Reynolds

Chris Evans

Jamie Cullum

Jimmy Shaw

If you feel that you have been snubbed once again and would like to be considered for future BFF/Baby's Daddy lists, write to:

"Hey, Y.C., Why not me? and here, have this money."
P.O. Box 555
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Send in your best photograph and top three reasons why you should be considered.
Also, no more cookies. I'm trying to eat healthier, and turns out, I make even better decisions when people give me money.

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