Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to avoid doing what you gotta do.

One of my horoscopes today (I say "one of" because I get my horoscope from different places that are all clearly on different pages) said I will be having a great night. It promised meeting an important new person. It promised that I will be feeling happy with what surprises tonight will offer...oh and that I should watch my money (watch it do what? I do not know) Well, tonight is laundry night. Why my horoscope feels more excited about laundry night than I ever do is beyond me. Or maybe it is that my horoscope is trying to make me feel better by lying to me. Telling me that things are gonna be better than just waiting around for things to rinse and dry, and having to fight for a dryer against the woman who feels that putting one item in there will save it for when her load is done washing and ready to dry.

I hate laundry! Hate it with a hating passion that I have only experienced when my coworker plays Hotel California in her office (next to mine) hundred times in a row. UGH! Part of it may be because I hate having to wait around. Waiting around is the worst waste of time ever. They say patience is a virtue. Well those people who say that never had to wait for their favorite artist to finally drop a record and then announce a tour, or the clock to strike 5pm, or for corn to pop. Another reason may be the people I encounter at a laundry mat. Never not annoying. However, since I sometimes wash in the laundry room in my apartment building, I think it is more than just the annoying people. Perhaps I feel like it is beneath me? No. I would not want or trust anyone else to handle my delicates, but enough about my love life, ha. Perhaps it is that my mom spoiled me by always getting it done for me? Maybe. Maybe it is all of the above.

Discussing tonight's events with my coworker's daughter (who comes in for the summer to help out around the office) I realize that I will go to great lengths and postpone doing laundry.

Coworker's daughter: "Hey, it could be worse. You just do your own laundry. There's eight people in my house. That's a lot of laundry."

Me: "True. But that doesn't make me feel better about having to do mine. It just makes me feel bad for you having to do all that."

Coworker's daughter: "It's not so bad. We have a system."

Me: "Screw the system!"

Coworker's daughter: "You really hate it that much? Ya know, if you keep putting it off you only make it worse on yourself."

Me: "I will always try to put it off as much as I possibly can. Once I drove to Target to buy a new pack of underwear instead."

Coworker's daughter: "You did that to avoid doing laundry?!"

Me: "Hey, sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do to avoid doing what you gotta do."

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  1. I hate laundry, tooooooo!!! I wish I could hire someone just for that chore ... ugh!