Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy New Year to me!

I meant to blog about my birthday weekend sooner, but like Kathy said “better late than pregnant”.
It was a long weekend and yet not long enough, but finally for the first time in a real long time It was a good birthday (not including my Grandma passing away on my birthday, but luckily it worked out that the family was all together and my sibs and I were able to come together and be there for mom). I’m not quite sure why past birthdays have turned out to be crappy. Ok, that is a lie. I do know why, but if I’d told you, I’d have to pay you for your silence. I already have one therapist on payroll, can’t afford another.
Truth is, for me, it isn’t about doing something on my birthday, or partying, or any of that. It really is just about the Happy Birthday wishes. Yup. Don’t care about the presents, or the cake, or the drinking…ok that’s a lie, the drinking and the cake are also important though not necessary, but always best when combined. Doing the alchie and cake is far better than doing the ice cream and cake. The chances of the latter getting you laid are as real as my imaginary cat “Fifi”. My imaginary cat does hang around with me a lot more when I do the alchie and cake, but I am sure there is no connection. I digress.
Anyway, this birthday, to ring in year twenty-si…er…um…let’s leave it at twenty, I decided to spend it with the people I love the most and love me too…I think. A four day weekend away from the city with family and friends. Round up the girls and met my brother and his wife and my adorable Godson James up in Redding to visit the rest of the family. Long drive, food, singing, drinking, laughing, site seeing, crying (R.I.P. Grandma. We are here for you mommy), sleeping, farting, hiking, more driving, playing, farting again (shouldn’t’ve eaten that many burgers), and talking, but more importantly a lot of learning and growing.
Here are some of the things I learned this past birthday weekend, in no particular order:

1. Migraines are my bitches now.

2. Jennifer is a big geek…and also a racist. Not so sure I remember how we came to the conclusion of the racist part, but I remember we came to the conclusion nonetheless.

3. Cameras don’t float, but they don’t break if they fall in the water instead of big rocks.

4. It is convenient to have a birthday days after my mom so I can enjoy two different types of cake. Yummy in my tummy.

5. My nephews will always be adorable, and super smart…and stronger than me.

6. People think I am obsessed with the color green. I am, but they shouldn’t think it.

7. Waterfalls are pretty and Twilight is a pretty lame movie about squirrely vampires.

8. The promise of a rattlesnake sighting is just as frightening as actually seeing one.

9. Never eat two (or more) charcoal burgers past midnight, even if it is your birthday.

…and finally….

10. Rah rah ah ah ah. Roma roma ma. Ga ga oh la la…

In conclusion, things are good. Hugs and hand slaps all around.



  1. I <3 you!!! Sorry to hear about your Grandmother. I'm glad you were able to get away from the everyday routine to enjoy time with your loved ones! And your list rocks! Oh and the picture = fabulous!

  2. Do I still have an account here? I don't know, but that sounds like a fun b-day. Glad you got to enjoy yourself! :-)

    PS: Cool pic.