Sunday, September 13, 2009

I think i might be a bizodiac...

So after having another long talk with the bff about everything (I'll tell you her deep dark secrets if the price is right. I can usually be bought with a cookie. Or a promise of one.) we got into the discussion of zodiac signs (she is SO a Scorpio!) and she claims i am NOT my sign. My birth certificate says I was born on March 27th (year is irrelevant. Sometimes I can be a big baby. I also discovered reading my birth certificate that my middle name has no "h" at the end but i'm gonna keep it because it would be weirder without it. Thanks a lot parents! *sigh*) Now, last time i checked March 27th was well into the Aries. I remember back when i was in my "astrology" phase (i had a lot of phases apparently. Which i think is a trait of the Aries) I had all sorts of books and whatnot...ok just one book..that had like all the signs and described the person type by the day they were born. Well everything always seemed to sound accurate for me. I grew up knowing and believing i was in fact an Aries. But now here's the bff saying I am not at all an Aries. We looked up the signs and everything that described an Aries i was like "yeah! i so am that" and she was all "No. You are nothing like an Aries" and then i was like "um..your face is nothing like an Aries" and she was all "I'm not doing this" and i was all "come on! you know you wanna say: so's your face" and she was all "I know i dont wanna say it" and then i threw a fit and she called me a big baby...So anyway, she then accused me of being a Pisces. She read the Pisces report thingie and said it described me all the way. So then i wondered "Why would she call me a big baby?" and then i thought "hmmmm i wanna do the ice cream and cake" and then i considered the possibility of the bff being drunk, but then i thought "Wait, does she not know me at all? or have i just never been an Aries and fooled myself into thinking I was" Now i will admit that a lot of what she read on the Pisces stuff was very much like what i am like, but no one has ever told me that before. So then i began to wonder "Am i getting fat?" and "could i possible act and treat my bff differently than everyone else?" So i decided to ignore the rest of what she was saying and investigate. I went to the one person who would know more than anyone and be able to settle this once and for all. My Mother! (for those of you who don't know my mother, she is an so an Aries!...and she has known me all my life). Now, i knew there was complications with me at birth. She always talked about how i almost died. And while the idea of possibly being born on any day other than that of Fergie's bday (yuck! really God? Really? You are gonna make me share a bday with one of my biggest Archnemesis? what i would be asking if there was a God). I just dont think mom was in labor for over a week nor that there was some error in dates on my birth certificate....tho sometimes i wish there was an error in nationality ha! So i says to my mother, i says "Mom! My bff said I'm not an Aries and then called me a big baby" and then my mom said the words that no one has nor should ever say about my bff: "She's right." Well except she said it in Spanish. So my own mother, who is an Aries also accused me of not being one. So that was doubly ouch...ok not really ouch at all, but now i felt like i wanted to prove them wrong and further investigate this. According to Wikipedia and other such like websites, it is possible for a person to grow into a different sign and/or share traits of two signs, usually two adjacent ones, and more likely if ones bday lands on the days when the switch of signs is happening. After reading that online info i decided to call bullshit on the whole thing and go watch some tv.
In conclusion, Zodiac signs are stupid anyway. Astrology is lame...unless my horoscope tells me something i wanna hear. Am i supposed to be looking up Pisces horoscope too now? I am so confused. I dont even know who i am anymore. It's late i should sleep on it.

But first gotta go look up to see what my horoscopes have in store for me tomorrow....

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