Monday, July 20, 2009

Viva Piñata!

No this isn't a blog about the video game/saturday morning animated kids show on fox (Wait, why do i know that?)...

Confession time: Raise your hand if you love piñatas. *raises hand with a little shame for embracing the beaner in me*.

Now when i was a kid i never really got to hit/break many piñatas. Not because i didnt really get invited to bday parties on account of my loserness, but the parties that i did go to i never got a piece of the piñata action. Reasons: 1. Too tall. Always in the back of the line. 2. I guess there really was just the tall thing... 3. Oh, and i was always very cool so i kept an aloof demeanor whilst (yeah i'm using whilst now) inside my heart was doing the zapateado dance to the tune of the "Mariachi Loco". Now i couldn't risk people thinking and knowing i actually like something Mexican. ha!
So whilst i watched tv last night and a commercial of kids hitting a piñata came on (no i wasnt watching Telemundo) I thought: "I missed out on a lot of piñata action! I need to catch up! Look at those happy tv child actors/little stuntmen!" and then i thought: "well, i'll never have a bday piñata now." and then i thought: "Im hungry" and then i thought: "I wonder if heaven got a ghetto" and then i replied to a text about something and then i went to pee, and then i thought: "Hey! Piñatas should be for more than just cumpleaños!"
Let me further explore that thought. I mean think about it. What better way to end the day, every day, than with a good piñata beating. So Mexicans, let's reconsider the piñata rule here. Good or bad day, what better way to end it than by beating the crap out of a flamboyant animal so its candy guts can either reward (if a good day) or cheer up (if a bad day). Am i right? or am i right?

also, i think i might have anger issues...i'm so violent.

p.s. if you are planning on dressing flamboyantly for halloween or that's just how you like to dress, it'd probably be best if you stay away from me and my baseball bat.

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