Friday, August 21, 2009

Those were the days...

Being a grown up is sucky….i've heard, so I’m not looking forward to it. But Let’s face it kids, time is taking a shit on you... I know that probably makes no sense but I heard James Hetfield sing that live and just always wanted to use it. So anyway, I was thinking about all the neat things you get to do and weren’t frowned upon because you are just being a kid…(notice how I’m using words and phrases like “neat” and “frowned upon” so as to fool the reader into thinking that I’m actually kind of grown upy….hahaha “reader”…imagining is fun!) and I have come up with my very own list of my Top 6.3 (because I like to be random with my Top lists) things a kid can get away with and make being a kid non-sucky (making words up is fun! But sadly didn’t make it to the list).

1. Talking to your self or having imaginary friends.

2. Asking a fat lady if she’s pregnant.

3. Eating whatever you could fit in your mouth without worrying what part of the body it was going to go straight to.

4. Saying things like “eating whatever you could fit into your mouth” without thinking of naughty things.

5. Peeing or pooing anywhere accidentally. An adult can do that but then it results in a doctor visit.

6. No need to dress oneself when you have your mom working pro-bono as your personal fashionista.

6.3 Nap at any time of day without anyone thinking you are lazy or depressed.

In conclusion, I miss being a kid.

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